We take a holistic, systemic approach to healing the mind, body & spirit. 

We take a holistic, systemic approach to healing the mind, body & spirit.  In order to achieve this goal, we offer Nutrition & Wellness coaching as a compliment to behavioral therapy.  Learning to develop consistent healthy habits in the areas of awareness, movement, sleep, and diet can greatly complement and support the healing through psychotherapy.

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This modified representation of the Integrative Nutrition Pyramid is the foundation for a balanced, healthy, addiction-free lifestyle.  

“Healing with Whole Foods” by Paul Pitchford, pg. 45 

Awareness is the foundation of all healing principles. Awareness practices help us achieve greater emotional harmony and a foundation of integrity to put forth the discipline, commitment and intention necessary for a long, joy-filled, and successful life. Engaging in awareness practices such as mindfulness, deep breathing, meditation, affirmations, and prayer on a consistent basis helps us to pause, be still, and center ourselves so we can be intentional about our goals and next steps in life.  As we engage regularly in these exercises, we become more aware of what behaviors and practices we need to change to feel more joy in our lives.   

Activity is the second foundation principle of wellness. Through movement, we become more aware and connected to our body.  As we engage in movement, our mind becomes stimulated and releases neurochemicals such as endorphins (the body’s natural pain fighting chemicals) that help us feel brighter and full of hope.   

The remaining levels of the integrative nutrition pyramid revolve around nutrition and diet. By utilizing these principles, we can develop a habit of eating a nutrient-rich diet, which supports all our previous attempts to change and feel more joy. As our awareness, activity, and nutrition improves; the cravings for unhealthy and even addictive substances such as sugar, intoxicants, and stimulants become less powerful and easier to overcome. The levels above are suggestions. Depending on your individual biochemistry, you may need more or less protein, complex carbohydrates, etc. For a better understanding on what proportions would be best for your body and biochemistry, reach out to one of our talented wellness coaches.  

We all have to start somewhere.  If you would like individualized support to improve your health and well-being, or would like to learn more about the food, mental health connection, please check out our talented nutrition coaches and their individual and group offerings to help you achieve your overall wellness goals. 

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